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Catshuis Childcare Benefit Scheme

In December 2020, the Dutch government decided to expedite and increase the compensation for affected parents. This is the Catshuis Childcare Benefit Scheme. Part of the scheme is that all affected parents will receive €30,000 as soon as possible. We expect this will help more than half of the affected parents. Parents entitled to a larger amount will still receive it, once their individual cases have been reassessed. The process of restoration is continuing despite the fall of the government.

Questions about the Catshuis Childcare Benefit Scheme

We have received a lot of questions about this new scheme. We have answered the most frequently asked questions below.

Target groups for the Catshuis scheme

Who is eligible for €30,000? We set out below who is and who is not eligible.

If your situation is not listed or you have doubts, we advise you to call our Service Team and register despite of this. We will subject your application to a short assessment to see if you belong to the target group.

How does it work?

You must register with the Allowance Restoration Organisation (UHT). What happens next? When will you receive €30,000, and what happens if you are entitled to more money?

I am entitled to more/less compensation

The government expects the sum of €30,000 to provide adequate compensation for about half of those affected. In some cases this is more than adequate. However, some parents are entitled to more compensation. What is being done for them?

Offsets and debts

Some parents wonder if amounts they have previously received will be set off against the €30,000. Or if this amount will be set off against outstanding debts with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. We have explained these issues below.

State Secretary Van Huffelen announced in January 2021 that the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and Benefits would write off the debts of affected parents. She is asking other major creditors to do the same. More information will follow.


Talks have also been held in the Catshuis about compensation for children of affected parents. At the moment we can't provide any information about this. We are working out the details of this scheme and it will take some time to do so thoroughly. As soon as we have more information we will publish it on this website.

Help from other organisations

There are other organisations that may provide help. For example, Victim Support (Slachtofferhulp) or your municipal authority, if you live in the Netherlands. The Catshuis agreement does not alter this.

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