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Restoration planning

The Allowance Restoration Organisation (UHT) has made a planning for the restoration process. In 2020, we focused on those parents in need of immediate assistance. In 2021 we have started compensating all affected parents with €30,000. In addition, we will provide full assessments to a continuously larger group of parents.

Read more about what to expect after you have applied for a reassessment.

Next pay out dates

We have planned the following pay out dates: 2 December and 16 December 2021.

Please note: it may take a few days before the payment is transferred into your account, depending on your bank.

Scheduled payments of €30,000

In December 2020, the government decided to pay €30,000 to all affected parents to speed up the process of restoration. Parents must register with us as 'affected parents'. Following registration, we perform a short assessment of the parent's eligibility for this scheme.

Target group Payout date(s)
Parents who already received compensation in 2020, but less than €30,000 (amount to be topped up to €30,000) January 2021
Parents who registered before 15 February 2021

By 1 May 2021.

We haven't been able to reach all parents by 1 May, and some parents  asked us to withhold the payment until a later date. We will pay out those parents as soon as possible after 1 May.

Parents who registered after 15 February 2021* Within 6 months of registration.

*We always contact parents by phone before we transfer the money. Parents can indicate that they would prefer to receive the amount at a later date.

Progress pay outs €30.000

*additional: payments of  €30.000 or more, based on full reassessment.

Schedule for full reassessments

A full reassessment involves establishing what went wrong with a parent's childcare benefit. During this full reassessment parents are assigned a personal case officer who will guide them through the process. Parents entitled to more than €30,000 will be paid the remaining amount.

This table shows the number of parents we expect to help with a full assessment in 2020 and 2021.

Period Minimum number of parents compensated * Maximum number of parents compensated *
November - December 2020 300 600
January - March 2021 1500 3000
April - June 2021 3500 7500
July - September 2021 5500 9500
October - December 2021 8300 12.300

*The figures show the total number of parents whose case files are being reassessed (cumulative).

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