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Steps to restore the childcare benefits

On this page, we explain the steps we take to restore the childcare benefits. After you have informed us that you have lost out on your childcare benefits, we start by doing a short assessment to decide if you're eligible for a quick payment of €30.000. After that, we will do a full reassessment, during which you can explain your situation to your personal case officer. We will consider your entitlement based on what you tell us. 

Contact us

Please contact us if you think you're affected and you want a reassesment. Please contact the Service Team Childcare Allowance for Affected Parents.

If you need help urgently, do not hesitate to contact us. Our Service Team Information Line will assess the situation with you.

You tell us that you have lost out on your childcare benefits

Steps for the full reassessment of your case

Biased treatment

 We start by looking into whether you have been exposed to biased treatment.

Disproportionately affected

icon document red circleYou may also have been disproportionally affected because the law was too strict or implemented too rigidly. We will look into this.

Personal payment schedule

icon money pouch with red circleIf you have been turned down for a personal payment schedule, we will look into whether that was correct.

What happens after that?

The Tax and Customs Administration wants to correct the errors with the childcare benefits as effectively as possible. We are not doing that alone. There are 3 committees in place to oversee the correct restoration of the childcare benefits. You can turn to these committees if you disagree with the decision made in your case.

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